A Survival Guide for Classy Women

Back in August, I was at the airport on my way to visit my brother in Berlin, and the worst possible scenario sprung up:  The pilot did not get the plane that he was requested, so he had to make an emergency fuel stop at Gooseberry in Newfoundland, which added an extra hour and a half to an already three-hour delayed departure.  All in all, I missed my connecting flight and was stuck in Iceland for a day.

Of course, like all of the other passengers on the flight, my initial reaction was anger and hostility. I realized half an hour into my delay at the airport however, that my annoyance would not change the already out of control situation.  So I asked myself, "What's a classy woman to do?"

Granted, the airline did make up for its gaffes by offering us a free stay and a few meal vouchers.  To be honest, I could have pressed for more compensation, but I had much more valuable things to do than to argue with someone over the phone to reimburse me $40.  However, this experience made me think of many lessons in life that I've learned in order to become what I now see as being, a "classy" woman.

Classy women...

Do not lose control. 

You may have seen it before in a television reality show where a person lets their emotions fly off of the handle and engage in things that they may later regret.  It's not to say that if someone has wrongfully crossed you, that you cannot stand up for yourself - of course you can!  But there's a classy way of confronting someone (with tact and respect) versus not (yelling, throwing a temper tantrum or a drink at someone).  Physical fighting in this scenario is of course, a no no.

Communicate Well

A classy woman recognizes the power of words.  Good words can elevate, motivate and encourage others to strive for their best, while malicious words can cut and hurt.  Being cognizant of what you say and having a certain degree of sensitivity before you talk will make a huge difference in how people act towards you.  I find that often times, conflict is the result of miscommunication and misunderstanding.  It is important for a classy woman to recognize who her audience is before she decides to talk.

Avoid Pettiness

Going back to my Iceland situation, it's important for a classy woman to pick her battles.  There are definitely some things worth fighting for but classy women know how to distinguish between the good fight and the bad fights.  Don't ever waste your time on a bad fight (eg: People who are purposely trying to bring you down, or situations where you end up lowering yourself to a level just to make a point).  Those bad fights are designed to make you focus on things that don't matter and run you through the muck during the process.  The good fights are the ones where there is significant value when you press for something.  That $5 that your friend stiffed you?  Maybe it's a better idea just to let things go: Don't dwell on it but you should also keep in mind the situation for next time.  If the $5 is something that you dwell on, it will cost you in the long run. $400 on the other hand? Well that's another matter.

Work Hard

Rome wasn't built in a day and a classy woman understands this:  Classy women put in the hours and the level of effort to be able to achieve what they want in their minds, be it in a job, housework, or spending time with children.  Hours spent on an activity is intelligence and experience gained.

Stand up for what's right

The most important thing is for a woman to be able to stick up for her values and for what she believes in.  Women play a vital role in maintaining the values in a household: A classy woman recognizes that it is the women in the household who dictate what the family values are, and if she can exemplify and uphold those beliefs, everyone else will follow.  This strong level of integrity and what she believes is right in her heart will not only show through her, but also shine through in her family.

That's it for me. Until Next time!


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